Metro Vancouver District Council

Fall 2006 Education Course Requests

To all Metro Locals:

Re: Fall 2006 Education Calendar Requests

The Spring Education Courses for the most part have been highly successful. Only one course this season was cancelled due to lack of registration. That is Good!

We have been asked to place our requests for courses in by May 31, 2006 to CUPE

If you have any request for courses please email Joseph at

Please include your local number and the contact so I can keep my records updated also.

The courses you are requesting have a 25-member maximum except for the Retirement Planning, which has a 35-member capacity. The Retirement Course also allows for spouses of the member attending.

Some examples of the courses you can request are:

Work site Harassment

Basic Steward Training

Advance Steward Training

Representing Members at Meetings

Resolving Conflict

Clear Writing and Design

Financial Officers

Retirement Planning



Joseph Lau

CUPE Metro Education / CUPE 15

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